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Past Experience

I have worked on numerous AWS projects, in a variety of use cases. Some of my web projects include the hangman AI project, which has the backend infrastructure of an API hosted on AWS, and the website for the Send A Child to Hucklow Fund, which is a static site hosted on AWS. I have also worked on other projects, including an automatic email sender and a Facebook messaging program, which both worked behind the scenes.


I also understand the importance of automation to make sure that the focus of projects is on the development and everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. It is also vital to make infrastructure easy to take down or update at an instant, hence, I make sure that my projects use infrastructure as code and version control, among other features, to make development as smooth as possible.


PeoplePerHour is the platform that I use for my freelancing. They have a wide range of features that make freelancing easier for buyers and freelancers. These include an escrow account, which keeps your money safe until work is complete, a rating system so that you can find the best freelancers and communications features so that we can keep in touch during work. Have a look at my profile to see some of my previous work.

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George Ogden